How To Use

Wet Scrubby Sunflower with warm water to soften. Apply a generous amount of Sunny Contouring Body Wash to moist skin and over the fibers of the Scrubby Sunflower. Scrub your body with Scrubby Sunflower in soft circular motions, massaging for 1 to 3 minutes. Starting from your feet, concentrate on desired areas. We recommend using very soft and light circular pressure at first to prevent any irritation, then increase to firmer massage, depending of the sensitivity of your skin. Rinse your body with cool water. The increase in blood circulation may cause temporary redness. To see amazing results, use daily.

Instructions for Care:
Rinse Scrubby Sunflower after each use with clean hot water, making sure all the body wash is removed. Store in a place with good air circulation and allow to dry completely.

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