Scrubby Sunflower


Scrubby Sunflower can make your dream of perfect skin come true! Made from natural fibers, it has the power to remove dead cells and leave your body smooth as silk!

  • Naturally exfoliates - The natural fibers remove dead cells that have accumulated. The result? Skin that’s clean and free of impurities and blemishes.

  • Controls and diminishes cellulite - Reduces the dimpled appearance of cellulite and the look of unwanted lumps and bumps.

  • Activates blood circulation - Stimulates blood flow to eliminate toxin built up and promote healthier skin. 

  • Firms skin - Tightens and tones, leaving the skin smooth and sleek.

  • Evens skin tone - Decreases the look of dark spots from age, pregnancies or sun exposure.

  • Prepares skin for moisturizing - Stimulates the creation of new young skin cells and allows better absorption of creams or lotions.

For hygienic reasons, this product is not returnable after first use.

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