Sunny Contouring Kit


Every woman wishes for perfect skin. In this beautiful delightful kit, you will find two wonderful products to make your dream come true. Made from natural resources, this perfect match offers benefits and wellness for women looking for soft, smooth, all over their body.

Kit Includes:

Sunny Contouring Body Wash
A foaming body wash that cleanses, softens and hydrates your skin. Rich in Dragon’s Blood (Croton Lechleri) from the Peruvian Amazon that contains a broad range of naturally occurring compounds. Dragon’s Blood helps protect the cells of the skin, reduce redness, repair collagen and works as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Sunny Contouring Body Wash also has a light pleasant coffee fragrance that’s invigorating and refreshing.

Scrubby Sunflower
Made from natural fibers, Scrubby Sunflower has the power to remove dead cells and leave the skin smooth as silk. It naturally exfoliates, making the skin clean, soft and free of impurities. Scrubby Sunflower controls and diminishes cellulite. It activates blood circulation and contributes to skin regeneration by removing dead skin cells. It decreases dark spots from age, pregnancies or sun exposure and increases the absorption of creams or lotions. With daily use, you will see a reduction in the dimpled appearance of cellulite and increased firmness. (For hygienic reasons, this product is not returnable after first use.)

BONUS: Clear Travel Case

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